Sunday, April 27, 2008

...How to Cook Eggs in the Microwave

When I taught my friends how to do this, a lot of them turned up their noses in disgust. How the hell can you make an egg in the microwave, and how the hell is it going to taste good? Well, this is something my mom taught me how to do in high school. I took the skill to college with me and enlightened many of my friends. I've passed it along to my single guy friends who wouldn't be able to survive without a microwave. Once you've mastered this skill, you will never forget it, and you'll want to tell all your friends!

Keep in mind, microwave times will vary. The one I'm using is pretty average, a few years old, but still powerful. If you have a really new one, take a few seconds off the time suggested. If yours is old, maybe add a few seconds. It takes some getting used to and a little practice to produce a tasty scrambled egg. So here are my instructions, in photo form!

First, your supplies. A microwave safe bowl, milk (I use skim. I have used soy milk but that never really works out. If you only use soy, omit the milk part!), cooking spray, a fork, and your desired amount of eggs. I used 2 eggs here, you can use more or less, just adjust your cook time accordingly. I also sometimes like to use one whole egg, and one egg white.

Spray the bowl with your cooking spray. Add the eggs, and a drop of milk. I eyeball it, but I'd say its about 2 tablespoons? Maybe a bit more.

Take your fork and scramble them up. Or if you're used to using a wisk, you can use that too of course. The point here is to scramble, people! Rinse the fork when you're done.

Now put it in the mic. I usually start with 30-35 seconds.

After the first cook, the eggs will look partially cooked. And in this photo there's an interesting little formation there, yea it looks gross, but this is only the first cook! Take your fork and scramble it up again.

Put it back in the mic for about 40-45 seconds. WATCH IT, now...don't leave..

It will start to puff up. This is where it takes a little "skill" to tell when it has been puffed too much. If you take it out when its not quite done, put it in for a few more seconds, but watch it again, so it doesn't get over cooked.

Ok, now we're looking like we are just about done. The eggs don't look slimy anymore (aka-not done yet!) and they're puffing themselves almost out of the bowl! When you take them out of the mic, they will deflate.

If they are done perfectly, they will be nice and fluffy, just like eggs cooked on the stove. If they are over done, they will get a lovely grey color and you probably won't want to eat them. Eggs that are over done on the stove get brown and smell icky (in my opinion...ew!!), but eggs that are over done in the microwave get a greyish color and feel rubbery. This is why you need practice!

The egg is usually in one "piece." If you are going to eat it plain, then transfer the eggs to a plate and chop/scramble them up. BUT this "piece" of egg is perfect if you are a lover of the egg sandwich. Here I've got an English muffin with some cheddar cheese. You can also add some ham or bacon! Or whatever suits your taste, it's fun to be inventive.

The cooking spray helps the egg to not stick to the bowl, but usually there is some stickage anyway, so I suggest just soaking the bowl a little with some soap in the sink before you wash it or transfer it to the dishwasher.

So there y0u have it! Really guys, once you perfect this, you will really like it. My friend who never cooks (he didn't even know how to make grilled cheese) made this for me one day to cheer me up and they were perfect. If HE can do it, anyone can!

Let me know what you think in the comments section, give me a "TASTY!" or "EW GROSS I WOULD NEVER TRY THAT HOT MESS!" I want to know! And good luck in your breakfast endeavors!


  1. Bill (microwavin eggs since 1997)Sunday, April 27, 2008 at 9:14:00 PM CDT

    I have been a member of the microwaved eggs club for years. Its fast, easy and the eggs still taste great!I'm glad that I'm not alone out there with how to cook eggs.

  2. You have a very good bowl for making eggs with. I am impressed by the one-ness of the eggs.

  3. Who knew you were Betty Crocker of the midwest - I will have to try that too!

    Love ya


  4. i learned how to do this in cooking class in high school. They aren't bad, but I still prefer eggs on the stove, i don't mind the extra "work". Then again, i don't eat eggs often, so when I have them, I am gonna do it right =) I love the photos, especially the eggs all puffed up, I like to do that to marshmallow peeps simply for my own amusement

  5. I check out the Boomtacular Blog every now and then....that's how I found your blog....and I liekd it so I left a comment :)

    As for the eggs in the microwave, I just might have to try it. Lord knows I use my microwave for just about everything else!

  6. crazy! i had no idea you could do that! i usually use my microwave for blowing things up, like marshmallows, or exploding things all over the insides of the microwave, like oatmeal... and one time, starting things on fire, like the time i made a grease fire with a bag of popcorn. my family never had a microwave, so i am pretty ridiculous around one. i might try eggs a la lauren some time. but i will blame you if it manages to burst into flames.

  7. I micro my eggs too ! You are right, the main goal is to NOT have grey eggs (i.e. don't over cook them)! So, it is of the UTMOST importance, as you said, to STOP the micro at 35 -40 seconds and SCRAMBLE again!

    VIOLA ! They DO taste great!