Thursday, August 28, 2008

...Meat Free Radio and My Guest Appearance!

I was on a podcast, and it has been posted to iTunes already! There's a fairly new podcast out called Meat Free Radio, and they asked me to be a guest host*! Its a show about being vegetarian, but I encourage all to listen. Its not preachy by any means, and you might just learn something!

You all can listen to the show on the website, but I also encourage you to subscribe through iTunes.

Let me know what you think if you listen! Also, feel free to leave a comment on the Meat Free Radio web page and let them know you're listening.

*One of the usual hosts, Mikey Pod, was gone, so I took his spot. The other regular hosts are Tim Corrimal and Eric the Southern Boy.


  1. you were wondermous. :-) See you again on the show very soon!

  2. oh...i get it now, when you sent the e-mail i thought you meant you were listening to a podcast you thought i should check out, but you actually meant you were ON a podcast...we will call that a blond moment=) i will have to give it a listen!

  3. It was fabulous having you on the show, Lauren. You are welcome back anytime.