Saturday, December 6, 2008

...Omar, Ramble Red, and My Lost Phone

I've been in Chicago for about 3 weeks now and I still love it--nothing's changed there! I will gladly accept wind in exchange for lake effect snow!

On Thursday night I had the pleasure of meeting Omar from The Other O Show podcast!

I was very happy to meet him. Omar's show was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to. He's a great guy, you have to listen to his show if you don't already! He just moved here, so he's bringing his Southern Latin flava to the Windy City! I also met up with Tom the Ramble Redhead! He's always a fun guy to be with. And I give him props for eating food he's not really used to!

We all had dinner at the Chicago Diner, sometimes referred to as the Veggie Diner, because its all vegetarian/vegan food! I loved it. I had gyros, made with seitan.

After dinner we went to Sidetrack for a beverage. Thursday night is their "Laugh Track" night, where they play comedy skits on all the TVs. Very low key night, but it was fun to just relax a bit and have a laugh with my two guys. (=

Originally, I took the bus on the way there. The 73 Armitage bus to the 8 Halsted bus. I got there just fine, though I was nervous I'd get on the wrong one! But it was about 11 when we were ready to go home for the night, so I decided to take a cab. This is where the HOT MESS begins. I find a cab no problem, get in, tell the (young) guy, "Armitage and Leavitt." He gives me a look like I'm from another planet, then gets out his book...I don't know what was in the book..I'm assuming maps? Then he eventually says, "Ok...I take Halsted to Armitage." Yes, this is correct, so off we go. Armitage does this weird thing around the doesn't really connect. You have to get on Cortland and do this weird jabberwocky maneuver...we definitely got lost. He made all these U-turns...and of course I had no idea where I was. He said he'd stop the meter at just $8, and it was his FIRST WEEK ON THE JOB...great. He couldn't have been more than 18, either. Very nice though. And actually genuinely lost. I had my phone out during the ride, right around the time he made his first U-turn...then I started to dig for my map, to try and help out...well I guess I just didn't put my phone back in my bag because when I FINALLY got home I couldn't find it anywhere. And of course I didn't catch the cab company.

So my phone is in a cab somewhere in Chicago! I suspended the service on it. Now I'm using an old phone I had in college, so I still have my number, but none of my contacts. Email, IM, Skype, send a Facebook message to me with your numbers!! I'm going to get a new one soon, but it will be the same number still. Ah! What a cray-cray ending to a fun night!