Wednesday, January 7, 2009

...How Forest Park Made Me Famous!

This past weekend, January third and fourth, Pineapple Dance Studio in Forest Park, IL (the West suburb where I happen to work) had free dance classes. On Saturday I attended the belly dancing class led by Erika Ochoa. I also took my roommate, Margo. They told our class the local paper wanted to take photos...and they chose quite a good one, in my opinion! (Click photo to view larger.)

(I'm in all black with the blue and gold hip scarf.)

Don't forget to check out the original news story so you can see my photo nice and big...uhh I you can read the whole article! I start the actual classes tonight. Yay!

(Autographs available upon request for a small fee.)


  1. You look really good here! I think I can even see your 'two pack' abs! How about a free autograph in exchange for babysitting your stuff in my basement?? :o)

  2. How cool! And good thing it wasn't a professional martini drinkers class *wink*

  3. Looking good in that one-ize!
    Shake it girl!!

  4. Wow a true celebrity in my go girl!