Monday, February 23, 2009

...When I Hit a CTA Bus

I've been slacking on the blog. Its turning into more of a once a month, or "whenever I feel like it" type of blog! This is exactly why I don't podcast, I'd never do it!

I've been keeping quite busy here in Chicago, which is why I don't blog a lot. I have a lot to blog about, but lots of other fun stuff I put before the blog.

Let's talk about how I hit a CTA bus with my car. Yes its true ladies and gentlemen, five days before my three month "anniversary" here in Chicago, I hit a CTA bus with my car on the way to work. Let's review. See the map below.

I was traveling South on Damen Ave., like I do every day to get to I290 West, to hoist it to the suburb where I work. The giant red dot is where it all happened. If you notice on the map, that intersection consists of not two, but three converging streets, a bus stop on both sides of the street, and an el. (train) stop above Milwaukee Ave.

Its a busy area, especially at 8am on a Thursday.

The Route 50 Damen bus heading South stops in this intersection, right next to the entrance to the train. I always have to go around this bus. There's a little spot on the street for the bus to pull into to get away from the flow of traffic, but its always so crowded with people, bikes, temporarily parked cars, etc. that the bus doesn't have much space to pull into this little spot.

See the other map below. The blue rectangle is the bus. The orange rectangle is my car. The lines represent the impact.

Pretty much, I underestimated the amount of space I had to go around the bus, and I side swiped it.

As a safety feature, my rear view mirrors fold in so they don't just come off, but I really must have hit it at the right angle because the entire outer covering of the mirror came off, exposing all the wires. I have a giant dent on the front fender. (This is all passenger side.). I have a scrape going from the passenger front door to the passenger rear door, damage to both wheel wells. I really did it!

The bus is unharmed of course, but I always know the bus I hit because there's a giant dark grey mark on the rear corner where I hit it. Haha.

I'm ok. I'm seriously mad at myself for doing it. Seriously embarrassed, too! There were 75 people on this bus that all had to get off and wait for the next one, because we had to wait for the police to come and make the report. Oy! That, plus all the people driving, all the people walking around, and all the people on the el. platform above, I chose such a great spot to do this. But--the best part, this isn't a small town, no one really cared or gawked. Even the people who had to wait for the next bus didn't really care. I got some bad looks, but hey I can deal. I will probably never come across 90% of these people ever again.

There you have it, I hit a bus. Its funny to me now. Well the $250 deductible I have to pay my insurance to have it fixed isn't so funny..but come on...Lauren hit a bus in her little Mazda 3...story of my life, I tell you!!