Friday, June 26, 2009

Most of my readers are well aware of, but I just wanted to remind all of you, and alert any new readers of this event.

Beginning tonight (Friday, June 26) at 7pm Eastern/6pm Central, visit and listen LIVE to podcasts of the GLBT community. Show your support and participate in the live chat rooms accompanying the broadcast!

Follow @Pride48 for updates on the live shows!

I would like to wish the city of Chicago a very happy pride weekend. I feel honored to be a part of such an open, liberal and accepting city!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I wrote this post because I was asked to be a guest blogger for! You can view this post on their website by clicking here.

Shop It To Me has also featured this blog on their "Featured Trensetters" page!

If you aren't signed up with Shop It To Me, drop me a comment and I will send you an invite. If you're wondering what this is, here's an excerpt from their website:

What is Shop It To Me?
You can think of Shop It To Me as your free personal online shopper. Select your favorite apparel brands (such as Theory, Prada, Armani, Ella Moss, Juicy Couture, Seven Jeans, DKNY, or BCBG) and sizes. We'll scour the websites of leading retailers like Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Banana Republic, Gap, Zappos and Bluefly and send you a Salemail™ - a daily or weekly email summary of which new items go on sale in your size.

Now, on with the post!

In the current trend of layer upon layer of drapey clothes and wedged, million-strap-strong shoes, accessorizing is so important to add the finishing touch to any outfit, no matter the occasion. Stack on the bracelets. Show off of your gold toe ring. But how does your necklace accent your neckline? Here are some basics to keep in mind:

We've all had those t-shirt and jeans days, where we throw on our favorite plain crew neck. Ditch the plain Jane look and dress it up with long layered necklaces. Try something beaded so you can add little touches of color that accent the shirt.
For a lower crew neck (not as high as a crew, but not as deep as a scoop) try a dangly choker necklace.

Collared Button-Up:
If you are wearing a button up, collared shirt, consider wearing a couple shorter layered necklaces either under the shirt with the first button undone for a work look. Or, for an after-work look, try longer layered necklaces over the shirt with another open button and a camisole underneath.

Choose a necklace that sits right above the V. Try a Y-shaped necklace that sits closer to the neck, or something with a bold pendant. If the V-neck is very deep, choose a longer necklace that follows the neckline. Remember that a necklace is an accent to your garment, not an invitation to your cleavage!

Try a larger necklace that fills up some of your declote. Make sure your top doesn't compete with the jewelry. Choose something less bold for a patterned shirt, and something bigger and more detailed for a solid.

Here are a few necklines in which I don't think necklaces work. In these cases, choose dangly earrings instead!
- Halter
- High cowl neck, or draped neck (Let the collar/drape make the statement!)
- One-shoulder tops (If you want something extra, try an upper arm cuff on the arm with the bare shoulder.)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

...Space Monkeys?!

I usually refrain from sharing links on the internet but this one is worth everyone's while.

I do not condone animal testing. I just think this is peculiar and strange and everyone should see these photos just for the pure fact of how bizarre they look.

National Geographic shared photos of the first chimps sent into space, which happened fifty years ago on May 28th.

Three chimpanzees named Duane, Jim, and Chu sit strapped into spacecraft cradles at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico, in January 1961.

The chimps were among 75 trainees slated to ride into space before humans, to help researchers test the physiological and neurological stresses of space flight.