Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I recently bought an iMac! It was SUCH an upgrade from what I was using at home--a 12" iBook G4, purchased my junior year of college at Purdue, making it over six years old. Still just barely works.

Now I have a 24" iMac! Here are some photos of the old and the new...

Also with the iMac (which I purchased with the education discount thanks to my best friend Jackie who is a kindergarten teacher!) I got an iPod Touch. Apple has a promotion going on where you can get a couple different rebates with the purchase of an iMac, including a full rebate for the 8 gig iPod Touch. So that is what I got! The other (and only) iPod I had was the first generation iPod Nano, only 2 gig! I won that at my previous company's Christmas party a few years ago. I enjoy not paying for iPods!

The new computer required a new workspace, mainly so I could get it away from the window to prevent glare on the monitor. So I rearranged my room and redecorated it, too!

Give me ideas of what apps to download! I also need suggestions for where to buy a Wacom tablet at a discounted price. And for the near future, maybe some suggestions would be nice for a monitor color calibration system. Leave suggestions in the comments!


  1. Congrats on your Mac stuff - that is so great!

    Joe and I are application addicts so here are some of our favs: Shazam, Jewel Quest 2, Air Sharing, Amazon Mobile, Bargain Bin, Directv, Ebay, Facebook, Frenzic (Omar's fav too), Ifitness, Jewel Quest Deluxe, Kindle for Iphone, Numba, Peggle, Postman, Sheepstacker, Tweetdeck, Tweetero, Tweetie, Vegout, Yelp and Calorie Tracker by Livestrong great app for food journal

    So when are you going to start your podcast?? :)

  2. I agree with Ramble, where's the podcast?!


    But I love Mac! YAY! And Peggle too.

  3. Great updates! You are going to love the new iMac and iPod. Very nice equipment. And your room looks very nice as well. :)

  4. BTW did you IPod-Touch start acting like normal kids? i remember you were dealing with some kind of software upgrade drama in past weeks? which apps got your most attention?

  5. Damn girl..look at the size of that screen!