Thursday, October 29, 2009

...Mexican "Pizza"

Here's a photo recipe for you! Easy and fun, the Mexican pizza is a quick meal for all ages. Be creative and add your own ingredients.

What I used:
whole wheat tortilla
vegetarian refried beans
red onion
sour cream
LaPreferida nacho cheese
chili powder

I began by slicing the tempeh into thin strips and frying it. Before I put it in the oil, I sprinkled on chili powder.

Spray your griddle with Pam. Spread beans on the tortilla and lay it down on the griddle. Keep it on low heat.

Add the cheese and toppings. I tried the La Preferida nacho cheese and wasn't so happy with it. I'd rather have used shredded cheese. It's up to you! (Also, layer order is up to you!)

Add on the tempeh. (Or, if you are a meat eater, grilled chicken or steak or shrimp!) Then cover it in salsa. To keep all layers warm, I put a pot cover over the entire thing on the griddle for a few minutes.

There's no science to figuring out when to take it off the stove. When you feel its hot enough, it is done! Then add sour cream, cut with a pizza cutter and enjoy!

Friday, October 9, 2009

...My Yellow Raincoat

Wow 2 blog posts, one right after the other, I'm on a roll. Actually the only purpose of this is to show off my bright shiny yellow raincoat.

Some of you loyal listeners may recall my post from April about a questionable homeless man on the train inquiring about my jacket: Read here.

As crappy as the photo is (thanks, PhotoBooth) it still shows off the coat's shiny cuteness.

Found at NY&Company last April on the clearance rack for $30. In this photo, it is paired with my green scarf from Ann Taylor Loft, also purchased on the clearance rack, for $4.99. (And the soy latte, which cost just a bit less than the scarf...!)

Thursday, October 1, 2009


-----------> p h o t o s <------------

Have any of you ever had one artist in particular that has touched your life in ways you cant explain? Plain and simple, Moby is that artist for me. I began to listen to his music in high school and for the first time in my life I was moved by songs. I kept following his music through college and it got me through some hard times. I'm not the typical kind of person who is into a bunch of music, and knows artists in and out. But I am that way with one artist and that is Moby. And for the first time last night, I got to see him perform live.

September 30, 2009. Chicago. The Vic. Then, afterward, he did a DJ set at Smart Bar. Wow. Just, wow. I got to the venue early so that I could have a front row spot. It was the most amazing experience. I cried when he came out on stage. Not to mention I'm going through a very hard, stressful time right couldn't have happened at a better time.

He played all my favorites of course. Then on to Smart Bar for his DJ set..! This was more personal, because it was a small club and all that separated us was a 4 and a half foot tall DJ booth, which I did my best to stand on my toes and see him all night.

He took a short break. I followed him, along with a lot of other people actually. When he came back, he walked right in front of me. I touched him.

He was signing autographs as he was DJing at random moments. I borrowed someone's Sharpie and he signed my ticket....!!!!! I looked at him and he looked at me and for a moment we made eye contact. And all I could say was "I LOVE YOU". Pretty sure he couldn't tell what I said, it was so loud. (=

One of the most amazing times of my life. I will never forget this.