Thursday, October 1, 2009


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Have any of you ever had one artist in particular that has touched your life in ways you cant explain? Plain and simple, Moby is that artist for me. I began to listen to his music in high school and for the first time in my life I was moved by songs. I kept following his music through college and it got me through some hard times. I'm not the typical kind of person who is into a bunch of music, and knows artists in and out. But I am that way with one artist and that is Moby. And for the first time last night, I got to see him perform live.

September 30, 2009. Chicago. The Vic. Then, afterward, he did a DJ set at Smart Bar. Wow. Just, wow. I got to the venue early so that I could have a front row spot. It was the most amazing experience. I cried when he came out on stage. Not to mention I'm going through a very hard, stressful time right couldn't have happened at a better time.

He played all my favorites of course. Then on to Smart Bar for his DJ set..! This was more personal, because it was a small club and all that separated us was a 4 and a half foot tall DJ booth, which I did my best to stand on my toes and see him all night.

He took a short break. I followed him, along with a lot of other people actually. When he came back, he walked right in front of me. I touched him.

He was signing autographs as he was DJing at random moments. I borrowed someone's Sharpie and he signed my ticket....!!!!! I looked at him and he looked at me and for a moment we made eye contact. And all I could say was "I LOVE YOU". Pretty sure he couldn't tell what I said, it was so loud. (=

One of the most amazing times of my life. I will never forget this.

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  1. What a great post! I am listening to Moby right now because of you! I have to admit, the first thing I got by him was "Songs 1993-1998" and I really didn't love it, so I am trying again, I just bought 18 and am having a much better experience!

    Thanks for sharing your excitement about his music, it really inspires me... I am really working on getting myself into writing music again and sometimes it feels like a kind of selfish thing. I know that is weird. But this post reminds me that music has the power to change peoples lives, if only for a moment or two, and that is so valuable.