Tuesday, December 15, 2009

...a Variety of Velcro

"Lauren to your register! Lauren to your register!" I announced over the speaker at Michael's Arts & Crafts one night. It was ten minutes until nine, closing time, on a Tuesday evening. No one was in the store.

The phone at my cash register rings. It's Kathy, the other cashier working with me that night.
"Why..hahaha...did you just page yourself to your...haha...register??" She was giggling and speaking at the same time. "You dork!"

"I just wanted to lighten the mood!" I replied. Just then, a woman burst into the store with a frantic look upon her face. A man walked in behind her, almost scared of what she might do next. I was prepared. This was the customer who's face read, "Shit! I forgot about this stupid craft project for my son's school that is due tomorrow!"

"WHERE IS THE VELCRO??" She demanded. I directed her to the opposite corner of the store in the back, where the small sewing section was located. She ran off. The man stayed near the registers in the front, pretending to be interested in the faux flowers located a few feet away. Moments later she rushed back up to the front of the store, empty-handed.

"I can't believe this!" She looked right at me. "You have a smaller selection of Velcro than Wal-Mart does! This is insane! You are a craft store!" The man she is with looks frightened.

"Yes, we are a craft store...not a sewing store. But we have a small selection of notions in the back corner, and that is all I can give you." I grin on the inside. She is personally angry with me because I cannot provide her with Velcro to fit her needs.

"I can't believe this!!" She exclaims as if she is reacting to seeing her car getting stolen. She leaves the store. The man follows, but before he goes out the door, he turns to look at me and says, "...Sorry...yeah...she's...." I smile and say, "Good luck and good night." He grins and leaves.

Kathy comes up to my register. "Can we call it a night?"


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  1. Debbie-"Michael's Arts and Crafts will be closing in 5 minutes! Please, bring your items to the front so that Lauren may check you out."
    Lauren- "Only if you're a hot guy!"