Thursday, July 22, 2010


Never in my life have I liked tomatoes.

For as long as I can remember my father grew them in his garden. They were always the most flourishing harvest. He had so many tomatoes he had to give them away. I remember the smell when I helped him pick them. Horrible smell. Most would love the smell of a warm, vine-ripe tomato. Though it is a horrible smell to me it reminds me of the fun times dad and I had in the garden. Bittersweet, I guess.

Sure, I love tomato sauce and salsa, they don't taste like raw tomatoes. But even when I make my own salsa I use canned tomatoes so they taste less like tomatoes. Haha, such a battle of flavors I must try and mediate!

I even make it a point to try a raw tomato every once in a while to see if my tastes have changed.

What kind of foods make you cringe that most people love to eat?

Photo was found on Flickr, under the Creative Commons license. Thanks to "visualdensity".


  1. For me it is watermelon! Weird, I know... Well, melon in general I guess (although Cantaloupe I can sometimes tolerate... Honey Dew, forget it!) Something about the texture always makes me want to gag. Like you though, I try it every once in awhile to see if things have changed... nope.

  2. Funny, my sister (also named Lauren, sans LaLa) hates tomatoes. Though she doesn't even like tomato sauce. Perhaps all Laurens despise the fruit?

    For me, it's milk. But I'll drink it only because I love cereal. It has to be at least a week before expiration and ice cold... warm milk is just gross. I normally don't drink what's left after I finish my cereal and often times dump the whole quart of milk if it's been open for more than a couple days.

    I don't, however, have a problem with milk products. Ice cream is probably one of my most favorite things!

  3. Yeah peaches make me nauseous. The smell, taste and texture. I can't stand them. I smell them across the room i get a headache and my stomach turns.

    I also hate coconut. the texture and taste. I can deal with some coconut milk in some ice creams (dairy free) and even curries but on it is own i will spit it out.

    I react as if I am chocking if I get either of these in my mouth. Rudely too.

  4. Figs! The husband loves them me not so much.

    Eel too. Oh and my most hated food (if you cal it that)

    Jellied Lychee Candies blech

  5. Bananas!! The texture is awful and even the smell bothers me. Jello is pretty terrible too, but I am not really sure if it counts as a food =)

  6. Just discovered your blog. Loving it!

    There is no food I don't like....which is weird in itself I guess. Blood sausage, tripes, all veggies and fruits, stinky cheeses and weird sea creatures...give me all!

    : )

  7. Onions. Hate em. Never will understand why people love them so much.