Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm back!

I took a little vacation from the blog writing, but I plan to do more like I used to. (Meaning, probably one blog per month...! Ha.)

Since my year was very eventful, I'm going to try and write one good, bad or fabulously ugly memorable moment from each month of the year. (Riveting!) I want to try this out, and I am challenging my readers to do the same. Maybe in your head, on your own blog, or maybe just to remember some fun stories with friends wherever you may be celebrating the new year this evening.

I had three cavities filled. What a way to start the year! Ow.

Other than the worse blizzard I've ever seen...
Ricky moved in with me! He moved here two weeks after the blizzard, on an unusually warm 50 degree day. I think he brought a little bit of Florida with him.

I took a fun vacation with my friend Kristin in the end of March. We soaked up some sun and beach. It was a nice break to the ever-lasting winter.

Coming back from the vacation, I got sick. And if I remember correctly, this was the start of my two month long relationship with said sickness. Whatever it was, it wouldn't quit. Being on-again/off-again, however, it gave me time to begin my failed attempt at going on dates with people I met from OK Cupid. I definitely met some interesting guys, but wow. I can safely say "I know why you're still single" to each and every one. Sorry guys! (:

Another more serious issue I faced in April was that my grandfather was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. He had an overwhelmingly positive attitude.

I went to visit my grandparents in New Jersey. My grandfather was in good spirits, and so was my grandmother. I've never met two people so loving and caring and positive, no matter what the world hands them. I also got to visit with my uncle and cousins, whom I rarely get to see. I visited New York City for a day. I spent half of it wandering around SoHo, and the other half wandering around Brooklyn. I made it my goal to move there within five years.

Well, this is where my year flip-flopped. I got laid off on June 16th. I walked into my otherwise normal job at the studio and was greeted with "I have to lay you off." After I shut my dropped jaw, I went home to reflect on what had just happened. I was never so scared of failure in my life as I was that day. I felt like my routine was gone, therefore my life was over.

A week later, I had two interviews lined up, a new freelance project to work on and two new freelance clients contacting me. This isn't so bad.

Summer in full swing, I started to actually enjoy myself. I've never had time off to myself since before I began working. The "break" was starting to feel really nice. I joined free yoga class which met three days a week, and went to every festival I could. I also visited the lake almost every day and enjoyed the beautiful hot summer weather.

What's this? A coupon for Zumba I never used that's about to expire? Sign me up! I did Zumba classes as much as I could, which was about four times per week, along with the yoga. I had another interview. I tried Native Foods Cafe for the first time. By now, unemployment didn't really bother me at all.


I got more freelance, and decided to start up my gym membership again. I went to Indiana to see my brother preform in his marching band. Also, he came to visit me here in Chicago and we went on a segway tour. It was so fun.

The big news: Grandpa beat his cancer. He's 83, and he beat stage 4 lung cancer. It's bound to return in the future, that's what the doctors say. But in the mean time, as long as he keeps his positive attitude and routine chemo treatments, he can stay healthy. He is definitely an inspiration to me.

The first part of the month was spent at my neighbors house every day, feeding her 11 cats while she was on vacation. While I was happy to help out, I quickly learned I am allergic to that many cats all at once! In the end of the month, I flew to Florida with my dad for my cousin's wedding. We had a nice time together. He told me stories of his childhood and what his mother was like. I never really get to spend time alone with dad much anymore, so I really appreciated the trip.

More and more freelance, and, I turned 29! By this point I was optimistic about the future and very happy with my current unemployed status. Being unemployed doesn't mean being sad, upset, alone, broke and in despair like I thought it would.

Well here we are. In the second half of the month I was lucky enough to randomly meet someone who worked for an ad agency I've always had my eye on. A week later, I had an interview. A day after that, I started freelancing for them. On my last day of freelance before the holiday break, I was asked to come back again "next year". So that's what I'll be doing next week. Is it the end of my search for regular full time work? We'll see. At least now I know it's not the end of the world if it doesn't work out that way.

Here's to a wonderful 2012 for everyone!


  1. I took off a total of 22 months when I got laid off. My world didn't end. When I finally did got back to work I already knew I could live on nothing, so anything I made salary wise made me feel rich like a queen. This is the best time of your life.

  2. I'm so happy you are still making it work in Chicago after your layoff. You're kind of an inspiration, ya know? Funny, I had a dream about us last night. This time we went to California, had another "Seacrap" - like hotel, and we saw dolphins. A sign? Lol!

  3. Lauren, Loved all your inspirational words. I am glad that everything seems to working out for you. I also believe you should look to the positive. Take one day at a time. And always remembering that God never gives us more than we can handle. I hope to see more of you this year than last. You are a beautiful girl and you have a great life ahead of you. Take care. Terry