Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Life of LaLa: On Being Happy


Do people write blogs anymore? Apparently as of late (and the past 9 or so months) I do not. I still cook, and take pictures along the way. And I paint my nails and get no-chips and take photos of my manicures. (Which you can find on my Instagram, if you follow LaLaLaurenRose82!) I find, however, that Twitter and Instagram and Facebook provide more of what people are looking for now- instant, quick updates. With portals like those we each get to connect to whoever we want, whenever we want, and we make as big of an impact as we want. People now want 100% customization, and that's what we get with Twitter and Instagram and Tumblr. (Though I've missed the Tumblr train entirely, get off my lawn!) 

It would be nice though if I could shower my readers with a few thoughts, in hopes one or two of you can relate. Maybe you're on the train and you see me tweet "Hey I wrote a blog, whut?!" And you click the link and now you're reading this, as the Brown Line slows to a crawl yet again and slightly infuriates you because you're about to be four minutes late to work, as per usual. It's ok. Read on, relate, laugh, try to find a common ground with me, won't you?

I turned 30 in November, and everyone keeps asking me what it feels like. It feels like everyone really wants to know, and that's about it. 

There's a lady with two kids I see on the bus, if I catch the early bus (ok, the "on time" bus that I should catch anyway). Her kids are so well behaved. And she looks tired, but very pretty, every day, in a simple way. She lets her daughter play with her iPhone, securely bound in a giant white Otter Box, while her older son takes a snooze and cuddles up in his down coat. They get out of the bus at the Brown Line connection, where I do. We exchange smiles, she gathers up her children, and we go about our days. 

The year 2012 was mundane like that. But I really enjoyed it, and it's what I needed. I needed to take time to be with myself quite often. I had to refresh my brain and love myself again. I dont think we take enough time to try and love ourselves. 

I took a vacation by myself, to a lovely, quiet, white sand beach on the Gulf Coast of Florida, called Lido Beach. It was August, so it was HOT, pushing 95 degrees every day. The salty ocean waves were so comforting and warm. I laid on the sand, collected shells, stood in the water and let the little white fish weave around my feet. I stared at the ocean and felt my stress swim away, and my mind became clear. Dolphin fins peeked out of the horizon line at dawn, as the air went from thin and breezy to full and warm. For the first time in my life I felt like everything in my life was ok, and I was thankful for everything that brought me there. 

It was a good way to say goodbye to my 20s. 

There were a few friendly jokes from about how I'm not attached to a partner yet. (Sigh, "yet.")

Singles, do you get that from people? It's almost as irritating as someone finding out I'm vegetarian and asking how I get my protein. Yep, right up there with that. 

Anyway, I tell them you can't force that, it has to just happen. How I *want* to answer their question is like this:
Do you know how long I stand there staring at the pineapples at Stanley's wondering which is the best, sweetest, tastiest one I should take home? 

I've thought of adopting a cat. But I am having a hard time knowing that I will be at work all day, and maybe somewhere afterward, and the cat will be alone. But then I think it might be better than life at a shelter. Then I wonder if the litter box would smell bad. I haven't gotten a cat yet. 

I created a recipe for vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They're so easy to make, and I bring them into work, and people eat them up within the course of two hours and ask for the recipe. It's always nice to make people happy, even if just for a minute. 

Other things happened too, but I believe one must retain a bit of mystery. 

Life can change in a minute. Suddenly all I knew before is all different now. And I can't wait to see what happens next. 


  1. "Can't wait to see what happens next" ~ this simple thought will keep everyone going and going ~ how God loves to surprise us all :D

    I enjoy your blog Lauren, I think I'm gonna be your 'keep coming' reader :)
    I like the recipes you shared too!

    Looking forward for your next post, and take care now!

  2. The post made me happy. And secured me for taking my alone trip before turning 30. I had contemplated it, but now you made me for sure want to go. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Ps. The litter now only smells if you don't get the right litter. One cat is okay, two makes us spinsters. ;) get the cat, save a life.