Monday, March 11, 2013

Nothing in this life is permanent.

A short post today, as a few things are on my mind lately. As always, let me know how you relate. Feel free to leave a comment here, or send me a tweet.


A good friend recently said some calming words in one of his podcast episodes. I won't get into the issue of which he was speaking because it isn't relevant to my topic for this post. But in context or out, it makes sense to me. 

"Nothing in this life is permanent."

As scary as that is to think about, I think he's right. Events happen to us every day which we do not expect. Also, if something in our lives isn't right, we can fix it. (It's just up to us to dig through the mound of excuses we tend to pile up.)

I've been thinking about how his statement applies to obstacles we face in life. 

A specific example I thought of is weight loss. If you want to lose weight, you have to live healthfully, completely. Don't dive in and focus on a number on a scale. Learn to live in a state of health first, and the results will follow. Weight is very much a state of mind as it is a shape. 

For another example, think of your job. How many of you go to work every day and don't enjoy it? Do you really need to continue to go there every day? What's stopping you from finding something you truly enjoy doing? 

And on a more "suddenly-in-the-moment" scale...sometimes we encounter things we never anticipated or prepared for- illness, layoffs, love. If we remember that nothing in life has to be permanent, we can change our day-to-day and accommodate new events, people, or situations. It's okay to change. It's okay to move things around a bit to invite new things into our lives. If we want something badly enough, we can make it happen.

(My photo above is a shot of Lake Michigan at Oak Street Beach from this past weekend, March 9th, 2013. The air is changing from Winter to Spring, and the lake is slowing going through nature's process of thawing out and becoming a "beach" again. Yep, it's watermarked. Stealing isn't nice.)

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